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BactiZyme Bio-Max and Bio-Mini – Slow release treatment blocks used in sewage lift stations, wet wells, septic tanks, and grease traps to control foul orders and digest grease and raw sewage.  Selected enzyme producing bacteria digest protiens, fats, greases, starches, and other solid organic matter. Using Bio-Max and Bio-Mini will greatly reduce mechanical maintenance, harsh chemical treatments, improve sewage flow, control foul odors, and reduce the number of vermin (rats, cockroaches, mice) in these locations as the product removes (digests) their food source. Please call us today...  "We want your stinking business!"

BactiZyme Bio-Clean – A concentrated multi purpose liquid cleaner containing enzyme producing bacteria that eliminates foul oder by digesting uric acid, grease, and other organic soils. Bio-Clean is formulated for use on restaurant floors, in kitchens, in restrooms, and nursing homes just to name a few. Save time and money.  With BactiCorp... "You'll clean up!"

BactiZyme Bio-Puck – A specially formulated urinal puck widely used for transforming traditional flush urinals into an odorless and care free, waterless urinal system. No need for the costly replacement of flush urinals. Just turn the water off. Billions of bacteria contained within the Bio-Puck continously work to eliminate odors and reverse uric and lime scale build up, the major cause of foul odor, blockages, and possible flooding. Keep the blockage in check and the drainage free.  When it comes to BactiCorp... "The Puck Stops Here!" We guarantee results.  Call today.

Urinal Trap without BactiZyme


Urinal Trap with BactiZyme (clean)

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The new "WAVE" in Eco-Friendly cleaning products.

BactiCorp is committed to reducing our worlds' dependence on the over-use of water and harsh chemicals to create and keep a sustainable, hygienically sound environment.

BactiCorp products are scientifically formulated to harness the existing power within nature to degrade solid organic matter, grease, uric and lime scale, foul odors, and more. BactiCorp products clean and degrade far more effectively than traditional chemical cleaning or treatment methods and do not harm the environment. Our products save water, reduce the environmental impact of waste, and save you time and money. Give us a try. You will be glad you did.