How it Works

How does the BactiZyme Technology Work?

The BactiZyme system helps to protect the environment by eliminating water flushing at urinals. It also eliminates the use of harsh chemicals traditionally used in washroom maintenance and general cleaning, and promotes the health of any drainage system.

  • Billions of good bacteria produce cleaning enzymes on the spot
  • These bacteria are perfectly harmless and already exist in nature
  • Each product contains bacteria specially selected for a specific job
  • Improves health of plumbing/drainage systems
  • Restores non-skid properties to hard surfaces
  • Lowers maintenance cost
  • Stops Odor
  • Saves Water
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money
  • Reduces Pollution

Good bugs vs Bad Bugs!

Our products are packed with highly specialized strains of colonizing bacteria which create cleaning enzymes on the spot when they feed. Let's call them the "Good Bugs". These "Good Bugs" break down such things as calcium, uric scale, raw sewage, fats, proteins, paper, and organic soils. If left unchecked, "Bad Bugs" will eat these types of organic matter, which causes foul odors. Our specially selected "Good Bugs" are much more aggressive than the "Bad Bugs" so they consume the food source first. As a result they break down the unwanted matter and eliminate unwanted odors. The end result is a cleaner healthier environment without the pollutants caused by chemical based treatments.

  • Our products target the common elements we know to cause foul odors and plumbing blockages.
  • All BactiZyme products contain billions of colony forming microbes selected for a specific cleaning/treatment purpose.
  • The eco-friendly, safe, and naturally occurring microbes we have harnessed in BactyZyme products digest organic matter such as uric acid & lime scale, raw sewage, paper, fats/grease, proteins, and odors.
  • The BactiZyme Bio-Pucks slowly dissolve in approximately 6 weeks, with use, and release a pleasant fragrance while at the same time eliminating uric acid, lime scale and odors.
  • The BactiZyme Bio-Clean is used for cleaning washroom hard surfaces and around toilets and urinals. It is also used to create a safer non-skid environment behind restaurant bars and on floors. Bio-Clean is also a fantastic deodorizer because it eliminates the cause of smells at the source.
  • The Bio-Max and Bio-Mini Blocks are used for treating raw sewage in lift stations and septic systems, and as a grease degrader for grease traps. This system also produces a residual cleaning effect as the treated matter flows “down hill” to the sewage treatment plan.


Bring It Back:

When used on regular basis our products bring back the original non-skid properties of floor tiles, and grout lines return to their original color.

Survival of the Fittest:

Be innovative, go green, clean better, save time, save money, and be glad you did. Use BactiCorp products for all of your cleaning and treatment supply needs.

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