BactiZyme Bio-Clean Plus

BactiZyme Bio-Clean is a biological cleaner that contains surface cleaning agents and specially selected strains of bacteria that produce enzymens on the spot to digest organic soils, greases, uric acid, and lime scale. The results are improved floor cleanliness, foul odor control, and safety when used as directed.

  • Stops foul odor
  • Good bacteria continues to clean after you have
  • Restores non-skid properties of tile floors
  • Restores original grout color
  • Reverses uric acid scale build up
  • Reverses lime scale build up
  • Use as a spray on deodorizer
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money
  • Saves The Environment

Small Bugs - Big Power!

BactiZyme Bio-Clean Plus is a concentrated liquid cleaner, formulated with surface-active agents for cleaning hard and soft surfaces. Bio-Clean is also formulated with specially selected strains of bacteria which produce enzymes to digest organic soils, fats, oils, uric acid, lime scale, and prevent foul odors on the spot. These are the same safe and natural microbes as in the BactiZyme Bio-Pucks. Our cleaner is used on restaurant and bar floors, in kennels, in nursing homes, and in restrooms just to name a few applications.

As a complete system, customers have noticed a significant positive improvement in their bathroom atmosphere after only 1 week of use. The results are improved floor and hard surface cleanliness when used as directed. Also when used on regular bases our product brings back the original non skid properties of floor tiles and the original color of grout lines.

Method of Use

Once per day, or during the regular cleaning maintenance program (floor cleaning, etc.);

  • Use BactiZyme Bio-Clean Plus at ½ % v/v (1:200 dilution with water) for bathroom mopping and 20% v/v (1:4 dilution) for spot cleaning and urinal surface cleaning.
  • Use BactiZyme Bio-Clean Plus solution as a spray to clean the urinal and mop the floor.
  • Use only the BactiZyme Bio-Clean Plus solution to clean the floor and urinal. Use of aggressive cleaning chemicals such as bleach, caustic or acids should not be used, as this will kill the microbes that have colonized the urinal trap.

For spot cleaning, Bactizyme Bio-Clean Plus can be sprayed on the desired surface. Wipe and allow to air dry. This process will help eliminate odors and provide residual activity to digest uric acid and other organics on the floor to improve the cleanliness.

Save time and money.  You will clean up!

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