BactiZyme Bio-Max and Bio-Mini

The BactiZyme Bio-Max and Bio-Mini blocks are a slow release biological preparation that reduces foul odors, eliminates the need to use toxic chemicals, and greatly reduces the manual processes in treating sewage lift systems, septic systems, and grease traps.  The products contain specially selected bacterial strains that digest cellulose, fats, oils, greeses, proteins and starch. The blocks produce no pollution and results are seen within only days of use. Using BactiZyme Bio-Max and Bio-Mini will also reduce the number of vermin (rats, cockroaches, mice) in these locations as the product removes (digests) their food source.

  • More effective than other straight enzymatic treatments
  • More effective than chemical treatments
  • Digests fats, oils and greases
  • Digests solid proteins and paper
  • Eleminates mechanical grease and fat removal maintenance
  • Contains non-toxic microbes
  • Improves flow of sewage through system
  • Protects the whole infrastructure of the drainage/water system
  • Biofilm remains on the surface walls for residual degradation effect.
  • Greatly reduces foul odor
  • Quick and easy to install

Day 1 - Notice the chunks of grease and fats collected on the surface of the water and adhered to the walls.

Day 7 - The bacteria in the block have slowly colonized the lift station and have digested a significant amount of grease on the surface and the walls.

Day 14 - This type of cleaning effect is continuing in the pluming infrastructure all the way through to the sewer main.

BactiZyme Bio-Max and Bio-Mini contain specially selected bacterial strains that digest cellulose, fat, oils, greases, proteins and starch through enzymatic metabolism in wastewater treatment. BactiZyme Bio Max and Bio-Mini’s primary application is in sewage pumping stations, wet wells, grease traps and other low oxygen environments where unpleasant odors and unhygienic conditions are considered a problem and are typically treated with harmful chemical or mechanical treatments.

BactiZyme Bio-Max and Bio-Mini eliminate FOG’s (fats, oils and greases) and therefore keeps the drains clear, ensuring pumping stations are left working at maximum efficiency. They also help eliminate other organic matter that causes water discolouration and smells that may arise in a water system from different sources.

Overall, Bio-Max and Bio-Mini not only penetrate the dosing area, but due to their ability to spread its biofilm, they benefit the whole infrastructure of the drainage/water system. The biofilms are more effective than other conventional chemicals or other enzyme based products, because they continuously produce a renewable supply of highly active enzymes for fat and grease degradation. The biofilm adheres to the drainage system walls and is highly resistive to cleaning fluids and other chemicals, therefore providing long lasting protection.

Method of Use


BactiZyme Bio-Max and Bio-Mini are quick and easy to install but are dependant upon the “dosing” requirements.


BactiZyme Bio-Mini - For Wet Wells with volumes up to 250 gallons of use, and will last 3 to 6 weeks.
BactiZyme Bio-Max - For volumes greater then 250 gallons of use, and should last up to 2 to 3 months, dependant upon the location of the block in the tank.

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