BactiZyme Bio-Puck

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The BactiZyme Bio-Puck is a urinal puck widely used for transforming traditional flush urinals into an odorless and maintenance free waterless urinal system. The Bio-Puck is safe, effective, completely hygienic, and easy to use.  Bathroom foul odors are primarily caused by uric acid deposits that are not addressed by traditional cleaning methods or flushed away with water. The BactiZyme Biological System directly targets uric acid and saves water.

  • No need to install new waterless urinals
  • No expensive cartridges to change
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Reverses scale build up
  • Protects the whole infrastructure of the drainage/water system
  • Lowers maintenance cost
  • Stops foul odor
  • Saves water (Up to 40,000 Gallons Per Urinal Per Year)
  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Saves the environment

Urinal Trap without BactiZyme


Urinal Trap with BactiZyme (clean)


BactiZyme Bio-Puck will:

  • Break down uric acid and lime scale, which cause foul odor, blockages, and possible flooding.
  • Require no urinal replacements.
  • Promote a healthier and cleaner smelling washroom.
  • Contain no para-Dichlorbenzene or BPA.
  • Save significant water and provide lower costs operation for any bathroom location including Industrial, Commercial, Healthcare, Recreational, Retail and many more.

The BactiZyme Bio-Puck is part of the BactiZyme Water Reduction Technology, which offers an environmentally progressive approach to reducing fresh water use (one of Nature’s most precious resources.) Urinal flushing can have a significant impact on a facility’s total water consumption. Our unique BactiZyme technology is based on safe and naturally occurring microbes that have been identified as producing the correct enzymatic activity to consume uric acid and lime deposits that cause scaling, blockages, foul odors, and possible flooding.

Method of Use


The first step in using this technology is to turn off the flush water connected to the urinals. Insert a BactiZyme Bio-Puck and cage/mat into the urinal drain. This is a simple install and requires no tools. Replace the puck (and mat if desired) approximately every 6 weeks, or as required (you will see at a glance if the puck needs replacing.)

Daily Washroom Maintenance

Once per day, or during the regular cleaning maintenance program (floor cleaning, etc.)

  • Use BactiZyme Bio-Clean Plus at ½ % v/v (1:200 dilution with water) for bathroom mopping and 20% v/v (1:4 dilution) for spot cleaning and urinal surface cleaning.
  • Use BactiZyme Bio-Clean Plus solution as a spray to clean the urinal and mop the floor.
  • Use only the BactiZyme Bio-Clean Plus solution to clean the floor and urinal. Use of aggressive cleaning chemicals such as bleach, caustics or acids should not be used, as this will kill the microbes that have colonized the urinal trap.

Use any remaining cleaning solution to flush each urinal with 1 to 2 liters to ensure sediments are flushed out of the trap. For spot cleaning, Bactizyme Bio-Clean Plus can be sprayed on the floor immediately under the urinals. Allow to air dry. This process will help eliminate odors and provide residual activity to digest any uric acid on the floor, and improve the cleanliness of tile grout lines.

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